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Rech Chemical Co. Ltd Welcome you at VIV Qingdao Asian 2019

Views: 93     Author: Rongqing Chemical Co. Ltd     Publish Time: 2019-09-20      Origin: Rongqing Chemical Co. Ltd

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2019 Asian International Intensive Animal Husbandry Exhibition VIV is holding from September 19 to 21 in Qingdao, China now. VIV is one of the most important exhibitions in the global animal husbandry industry. Professional international trade teams and leaders, who serving the whole industrial chain of pig, poultry, eggs, milk and aquatic products, attend the Qingdao China. As the largest exporter of ferrous sulphate in China, Rech Chemical Co., Ltd welcomes our new and old clients both from home and abroad to visit us at Booth 3H028,VIV Qingdao 2019.

Rech Chemical Join in VIV Qingdao 2019_meitu_1

Dutch “Vakbeursvoor Intensieve Veehouderij“abbreviation, VIV is translated for "Intensive Animal Husbandry Business Exhibition". After continuous development, VIV has become an important brand exhibition in the field of animal husbandry. Invited by many local animal husbandry industry and relevant governments and organizations, VIV has been held in many countries and regions, such as VIV Asia (Thailand, Asia) and VIV MEA (UAE, central and East Africa). In 2000, VIV was invited to by the Agriculture Ministry of China and relevant industry organizations. Since then, China have successfully held VIV for 11 sessions. Started from 2019, VIV hold this exhibition annually.

The exhibition scope and exhibition area planning cover such as follows: feed and feed ingredients, animal husbandry houses and breeding equipment, experiments, testing equipment and services; Feed additives, meat/egg slaughter, processing and handling, software and automation systems; Feed processing equipment, transportation/cold meal/packaging, sewage treatment equipment and biomass energy; Animal protection (vaccine, veterinary drugs and biological products), high-quality brand livestock and poultry products, aquatic products; Breeding and incubation, media/education/consultation, others.

Rech Chemical Co., Ltd., the largest exporter of ferrous sulfate in China, highly recommends ferrous sulfate feed grade which is applied widely in feed additives as an important Iron nutrient. RECH CHEMICAL CO. LTD serve you with our professional sales team, and kinds of professional  personalized logistics, packaging, pre-sales and after-sales services and flexible cooperation solutions are available for both clients at home and abroad.


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