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Rech Chemical Business Dep. 2 renamed Rongqing Chemical in 2020

Views: 190     Author: Changsha Rongqing Chemical      Publish Time: 2020-06-28      Origin: Rongqing Chemical

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As the COVID-19 pandemic engulfs the world in 2020 which has not controlled yet, the global economy has appeared downturn. Actually, peak season of ferrous sulfate failed to come in the first half of the year. Sulfate salt, as necessities in normal industrial and agricultural production and living of the world, Rech Chemical executives believe the overall situation is not shrinking, but ferrous sulfate market vitality is hindered by current epidemic prevention and control policy world widely. Once the outbreak get slightly better, ferrous sulfate market will recover soon as the world resumption of labor and rehabilitation.

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During the period of global epidemic prevention and control, in order to expand the global market and supply more accurate and flexible settlement methods for sulfate salt customers both at home and abroad, the former Rech Chemical Division 2 is updated to Changsha RongQing Chemical Co. LTD. Except for our company name changes, everything remains unchanged, including all of our external contact information as Business Telephone, Fax, Email Address, and our English Website: www.rqsulfates.com , Chinese website: www.rqsulfates.cn 

In addition, another Chinese website specially promoting manganese sulfate www.rqliusuanmeng.com has always been in operation. And Changsha Rongqing’s marketing website www.rqsulphates.com focusing on Chinese ferrous sulphate news will be available on-line soon.  

Our respectful clients at home and abroad, please kindly notice above company name change, and continually pay attention to our news about Changsha Rongqing Chemical Co. Ltd and more ferrous sulfate business information. 

Changsha Rongqing Chemical Co. LTD. 

(Business Division 2 of Rech Chemical Co. Ltd)



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