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In order to well developed the domestic business and served domestic customers, Rech Chemical Co. Ltd officially starts new domain www.rqsulfates.cn as the top Chinese website instead of the original secondary domain cn. rqsulfates.com since December 2014. Meanwhile, English official website domain www.rqsulfates.com remains unchanged. 

For the target of supplying more information about sulfate salts product quality, application fields, pre-sale and after sale service and market dynamics, our new domain website has added on a section of industry encyclopedia as well as in the site of http://www.rqsulfates.com . At the same time, we will also follow the trend that domestic users mostly use We-chat app and Rech Chemical Co. Ltd opens We-chat public platform to keep closely touch with each customers. 

Welcome domestic and foreign customers and counterparts of zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, ferrous sulfate and magnesium sulfate industry subscribe to our We-chat public platform. With more than 20 years of production and sales experience, Rech Chemical Co. Ltd would always provide you with high quality and reliable products and services.

Attention to each customer, Rech Chemical Co. Ltd, only official Chinese website domain name ishttp://www.rqsulfates.cn . For mobile phone users, please scan the following QR code, and focus on industry information and market dynamics of sulfate salts, focus on Rech Chemical Co. Ltd.

Statement: Please respect the original content! When you copy or transfer the article from Rech chemical‘s’website, please remark its original address: http://www.rqsulfates.com! Thank you!


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