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What fees does ocean freight involved in?

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Ferrous sulfate produced by Rech Chemical belongs to raw materials with high cube and low value, which take larger proportion in international trade cost. So ocean freight is also the most important consideration for importer. What kinds of detailed fees in ocean freight?

Ocean freight mainly contains three parts as basic ocean freight, surcharges and seller surcharges.

1.Basic ocean freight: based on PORT-PORT (CY - CY, CFS-CFS), ship companies, different speed boat, basic ocean freight would be different.

2. Surcharge: different routes, surcharge is also different. For example, Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF), Yard Surcharges (YAS), EBS for Japan ship-lines; Bunker Surcharge or Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF), Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF) for European line; security surcharge ACC for Canada line, Suez Canal Surcharge (SCS) for the Suez Canal line, low sulphur surcharge LSF; Destination Delivery Charges (DDC) for American and Canada line. In addition, there would be Peak Season Surcharges (PSS), general rising fee (GRI), wars surcharges (WRS) and so on.

3. The seller surcharge: port surcharge (SPS), origin receiving charge (ORC), Port Congestion Surcharge (PCS), etc.

Days ago, shipping company had planned a freight prices rise in October. The ocean freight rising is expected to become a reality in November. Please all customers who have ferrous sulfate procurement plan seize the right time to purchase.


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