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The price trend of fertilizer grade ferrous sulphate monohydrate in 2017

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Due to environment inspection, a lot of Titanium Dioxide factories in Guangxi, Hunan, Shandong were suspended work at end of July. Under this situation, the supply of ferrous sulphate cannot meet the demands in the Chinese market, making the ferrous sulphate monohydrate price suddenly increased a lot. Many domestic and foreign buyers start to seek new manufacturers and suppliers. 

 ferrous sulfate monohydrate price

Normally, the raw materials and market demands of ferrous sulphate is the directly factors to effect the price. Due to the specialty of production process and raw material unicity, the price of ferrous sulphate usually keeps in the stable level. But, if the two factors in above change a lot, then the price will be affected.  Now, because of the seriousness of present pollution problem, policy control may be more tightly than our expectation. The raising price of ferrous sulphate would be strongly supported both from rising costs and supply tension.

At the end of August and early September, with tight supply of raw materials and occupied with orders, we estimated that the price of ferrous sulphate will be higher than the early of this year, and it still increasing now. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us.

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