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How to mix chemical fertilizer like as ferrous sulfate with farm manure?

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Since we’ve known the advantages of chemical fertilizer like as ferrous sulfate? It’s said that it not only prevents the loss of effective ingredients, but also obviously improves the effectiveness if we mix chemical fertilizers with organic fertilizer scientifically. The following formula is for your reference.

1. The human excrement and ferrous sulfate. Mix 500-600g ferrous sulfate in every 100 kg of human excrement. The mixture can preserve the nitrogen and other fertilizer effectiveness and keep deodorant not escape out.

2. Plant ash and calcium superphosphate. Make 6 kg plant ash immersed in 30 kg water, and then add calcium superphosphate 2 kg. Six hours later, add 100 kg water into the mixture. After its precipitation, the clear liquid has equal effect with potassium dihydrogen phosphate in spraying crops.

3. Barnyard manure and calcium superphosphate. Mix 20% calcium superphosphate into barnyard manure and pile up 20 days. It not only can prevent the loss of nitrogen in manure, but also increase phosphorus.

4. Preserved organic and NH4HCO3 fertilizer. Make weeds, the straw and leaves, etc into broken section, and then mix 0.5% ~ 1% proportion of NH4HCO3 and human excrement together, retting. After well rotten, it could be effective biological potash fertilizer.

In all, the efficiency of mixture of farm manure and chemical fertilizer such as ferrous sulfate is better than single, if scientifically matched.

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