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Can you distinguish crop diseases and deficiency disease?

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Generally speaking, the crop diseases and deficiency syndrome differs greatly in appearance, but sometimes disease and deficiency disease will be similar in appearance, especially in the early period of zinc sulfate deficiency. It can be distinguished from the following three aspects.

1, observe whether there is disease centre. If vegetables infected diseases, it surely exist obvious disease centre from where diseases quickly spread to all around, while deficiency syndrome generally exist no disease centre and starts anywhere.

2, Crops disease has nothing to do with the soil while the deficiency disease will do. No matter which type of the soil, diseases would happen in any fields. The appearance of crop deficiency has obvious relationship with soil types and features. For example, high pH in the north soil would not lack molybdenum but it reverses in the southern acidic soil. Generally, barren soil always happen multiple deficiency disease.

3, crop diseases mainly happen on wet day, while deficiency diseases have nothing with the air humidity, but long-term stagnation water or soil drought can lead to some deficiency disease. Such as plant long-term stagnation water corn can lead to zinc deficiency. It can be treated with zinc sulfate solution.

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