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How to make foliar fertilization of zinc sulfate and other trace elements?

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Foliar fertilization is mainly used to treat serious deficiency symptom for its rapidity and high efficiency. Here are trace elements foliar fertilization formulas of zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate as follows.

Farm 拷贝1

1, zinc sulfate solution: blend zinc sulfate 100-200g with 100 kg water. After dissolved in water, add a little lime more in this. It can improve the effect of zinc foliar spraying.

2, borax solution: blend 200-300g borax with 100 kg water. Because borax is hard dissolved in cold water, it’s better add 4-5 kg of 45 ℃ warm water first and add the left 95-96 kg more.

3, copper sulfate solution: Blend 30 or 50g copper sulfate in every 100 kg clean water. To avoid poison, we can add a little of limewater.

4, ferrous sulfate solution: blend ferrous sulfate 200-300 g in 100 kg water. Because ferrous fertilizer in the blade don’t go very smoothly that it’s need spraying evenly more times on front and obverse side of leaves. It’s more better if add 50-70g washing powder in every 100 kg iron water solution.

5, manganese sulfate solution: blend 50-100g manganese sulfate with 100 kilograms of water for spraying.

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