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Symptoms of loquat nutrient deficiency

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There are so many nutrient deficiency such as magnesium sulfate deficiency and manganese sulfate deficiency when planting loquat trees. The symptoms are as follow: 

1.Fe Deficiency :Signs of Fe deficiency occur on new leaves first, the main vein keeps green will the interveinal between the veins is light green and even be yellowish white. 

2.Cu deficiency Symptoms: appeared on new leaves first and show dark green, crimped and yellowish spots. The fruit will have dark green spots and the peel is fragile. Besides the new land is easy to lack of Cu, the sloping ground with plenty of sandy is another reason for Cu deficiency. A common way to remedy this condition is to spray Bordeaux mixture.

3.Mn deficiency Symptoms: appeared on new leaves first and show light green intercostal but the main vein keeps green.

4.Mg deficiency Acidic and sandy soil will cause Mg deficiency. And the symptoms include chlorosis, yellowish green spots and falling of the leaves. This condition can be corrected by the following methods:

a.Improve the soil condition

b.Apply magnesium sulfate in pH exceed 6 soils and apply magnesium carbonate in pH between4.5-5 soils.

c.Spray magnesium sulfate solutions when the deficiency symptoms occurred. Cause Mg in soils is easy to run off.


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