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Symptoms of cage birds nutrient deficiency

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The trace elements such as manganese sulfate and zinc sulfate are calculated by 6-10ppm in animal’s body. And they play a very important role in physiological function and trophism with the appropriate concentration. Trace elements work as catalytic agent of enzyme and as control agent of protein, fat, vitamin and hormone. The growth will be affected if bird lacks of trace elements.

Mg deficiency

Mg deficient birds show anorexia and indigestion, this condition can be remedied by adding feed additive with Mg element such as bone meal effectively.

Mn deficiency

Signs of Mn deficiency include slipped tendon, deformed spine, and even with dysplastic embryo. This condition can be remedied by feeding with Mn contained fodder. 

Fe and Cu deficiency

Symptoms of Fe and Cu deficient birds include impaired hemopoiesis and anemia. As we all know, Fe is a trace element which can produce hemoglobin. Fe can’t be made full use of when Cu content is low. However, too much Cu will damage the liver. So we should pay attention on the proportion when adding Fe and Cu contained food.

Therefore, we should add feed additive such as manganese sulfate and zinc sulfate to prevent birds from nutrient deficiency. 


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