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Nutrient deficiency of chrysanthemum

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When applying fertilizers for chrysanthemum, we should take element’s antagonism into consideration. As we all know, too much content of either single element will reduce other elements’ absorption such as manganese sulfate and zinc sulfate. Thus, keep element’s balance is very important to prevent plant from nutrient deficiency.

Mg deficiency

Signs of Mg deficiency include yellowish vein, poorly developed root system, small leaves and flowers and malformed flowers. Insufficient Mg content or excessive K in soil reduces plant’s absorption to Mg ions. Mg deficient plant can be corrected by spraying 0.2% magnesium sulfate solutions on leaves.

Fe deficiency

Fe deficient plant show yellowish leaves except the veins. Plant and root grow slowly, and the new leaves will be yellowish white in severe case. This condition can be found in soils of pH >6.5, too much heavy metal will also cause Fe deficiency. A common way to remedy this condition is to spray 0.2% ferrous sulfate solutions on leaves.

Zn deficiency

Symptoms of Zn deficient leaves involved small new leaves, inhibited growth, curled leaves and brown spots. The new buds are withered in severe case. This condition can be corrected by spraying 0.3% zinc sulfate solutions or applying zinc sulfate directly. 

Mn deficiency

Generally, symptoms of Mn deficiency appear on middle leaves with chlorosis and then extend to the marginal areas. Most of the leaves are yellow except the main veins. This condition is easy to be found in alkalinity soil. This condition can be corrected by spraying 0.1%-0.2% manganese sulfate solutions on leaves.


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