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How to prevent walnut from nutrient deficiency?

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Walnut has very high nutritive value, eating walnut can prevent from arteriosclerosis and reduce cholesterol content. Abundant Vitamin E can make your skin smooth and moist. However, if walnut lacks of trace elements such as manganse (manganese sulfate),ferrous (ferrous sulfate) and zinc (zinc sulfate), the nutritive value will be affected. Let Rech Chemical share the fertilizing techniques that How to treat the nutrient deficiency.

Manganese deficiency:

  1. Symptoms: Leaves chlorosis, light green between the veins, spots on the marginal areas   

  2. The condition can be corrected by spraying manganese sulfate by 0.5 kg manganese sulfate with 25L water.

Ferrous deficiency:

   1.Symptoms: Yellowish white leaves with brown spots between the veins. And the marginal area will be withered. This condition is easy to found on alkalinity soil. 

   2.Remedial measure: Apply organic fertilizer to improve the soil condition. Or spraying 1.5% ferrous sulfate solutions with 0.5% magnesium sulfate solution and 5% urea solution to the branches.

Zinc deficiency:

   1.Symptoms: Leaves show small, yellow and crimp. When seriously, all the leaves are small and crimp, the top branches will be withered. 

   2.Solutions: Spraying 0.3%-0.5% zinc sulfate solutions twice, every 15-20days one time. Or apply zinc sulfate by hole application.

Thus, applying trace element such as zinc sulfate and manganese sulfate can prevent walnut trees from nutrition deficiency effectively.


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