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How to prevent fruit trees from Ferrous deficiency?

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Leaves of fruit trees would turn yellow if they lack of ferrous and fruit's output would be decreased.


Symptoms of Fe deficiency appear in new leaves firstly and the diachyma would show yellowing but the main vein keeps green. If the deficiency gose servere, the chlorosis would get worse that entire leaves show pale and the marginal area and the top shoots are withering. 


1. Applying organic fertilizers to improve the soil condition. The methods by fallowing ground water level and strengthening the water penetration are the basic measure to correct chlorosis.

2. Adding soluble Fe by the following methods to remedy Fe deficient trees.

  A. Spraying 0.3%-0.5% ferrous sulfate solutions on branch before budding, or spraying mixed liquor of ferrous sulfate: copper sulfate: lime: water at the ratio of 1:1:2.5:1000. 

  B. Applying ferrous sulfate with organic fertilizer with the proportion of 4-5kgs ferrous sulfate per 667m2 can correct Fe deficiency effectively.

  C. Injecting ferrous sulfate or ferric citrate on branch before budding.

Applying ferrous sulfate by the three methods can prevent fruit trees from Fe deficiency effectively.


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