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How to prevent and cure manganese deficiency?

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Wheat, barley, oat and maize will suffer from cercospora sojina hara. Experiments show that applying some manganese sulfate can increase the output by 10%, and can improve the protein content, improving the quality, especially for calcareous soil, saline-alkali soil, sand soil and low content of organic matter soil.

Wheat crops will get disease during 3-4 days after sprouting. In the early stage of disease, crops have less flowers and fruits. According to the research, floral leaf disease for wheat because of manganese deficiency occurs during the 3-4 leaves. The disease symptom will turn well if the disease is not too bad, but the weight will decrease because of decreased photosynthate.

How to prevent and cure the manganese deficiency?

Generally, apply 3-4g manganese sulfate for every 5kgs of wheat seeds, and extra 2-3 times of foliage spray are needed for serious fields, thickness is 0.2% or around. Or use 1kgs of manganese sulfate, mix with Centrac soil, urea and superphosphate to apply, which is helpful for fixing manganese fertilizer. But apply too much chemical N fertilizer will sharpen the manganese deficiency, so the volume must be suitable. Soil lacked of Mn exists on soil with high PH, it will decrease the Mn’s effectives. Sand soil is with low manganese content and effective Mn.

Notice: Do not increase the volume of fertilizer blindly to avoid harming leaves; and it must apply together with NPK fertilizer so that it could increase output fully.


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