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How to find ferrous sulfate manufacturers in China according to ilmenite distribution

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How to find ferrous sulfate manufacturers in China according to ilmenite distribution 

Having been engaged in the manufacturing and sales of ferrous sulfate in China for more than 20 years, Rech Chemical Co. Ltd has gained a deep understanding of ferrous sulfate manufacturers and this industry.  If you are interested in purchasing ferrous sulfate in China, this article may give you some suggestions and tips. It’s Rech Chemical’s pleasure to help you to find the satisfied long-term ferrous sulfate suppliers and make your appropriate choice, avoiding unnecessary loss. 

To find the ferrous sulfate manufacturers in China, why not think it over that where does ferrous sulfate come from and its production process. Industrially, bulk ferrous sulfate is mainly by produced through titanium dioxide process. To produce one ton of titanium dioxide,   3.5 tons of ferrous sulfate would be produced as a by-product during this process. However, the raw materials of titanium dioxide are mainly ilotite powder. In another words, to find Chinese ferrous sulfate manufacturers and ferrous sulfate suppliers, may follow up the mineral distribution of ilmenite in China.

Including Canada, India and Australia, China is one of the richest titanium resources countries in the world who takes 30% of the world's total. Moreover, China's ilmenite resources mainly distributes in 21 provinces and cities, especially southern of China as Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan island , and southwest of China as Yunnan, Sichuan. The distribution of ilmenite resources in China is as follows.

It is worth to mentioned that there would be some different parameters and specifications of ferrous sulfate between different titanium mining areas due to the raw material, such as   heavy metal impurity which is one of ferrous sulfate’s important indicators.

Finding out where ferrous sulfate produced in China will give you some general guidance on finding ferrous sulfate manufacturers and ferrous sulfate suppliers in China. Manufacturing techniques differ in different mining region that could makes different specifications index. In addition, national environmental protection and policies and transportation costs will greatly influence the ex-factory price. Therefore, Rech Chemical Co. Ltd recommends you to rightly chose the product specifications and price range along with the distribution of ferrous sulfate in China, and chose the suppliers who could provide professional service. Rech Chemical sincerely welcomes you and cooperation to our company!


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