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How to buy ferrous sulfate fertilizer grade in 2019 Spring ploughing season?

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As past Spring planting season, it should be very busy at Chinese farm,  unluckily, more than 70days of  wet-season in early 2019 has made farming delayed in south of China. However, lots of ferrous sulfate fertilizer grade buyers had inquired Rech Chemical as usual year. How to use to fertilizer grade ferrous sulfate? Let Rech Chemical tell you more:


Ferrous sulfate fertilizer grade produced by Rech Chemical, is a high-efficiency iron-containing trace element fertilizer. Using the production method of titanium dioxide, the byproduct’s purity reaches more than 91% by freezing crystallization, and the iron element reached 30.1%, which are fully in line with and higher than the national standard. Rech Chmical Co. Ltd produces ferrous sulfate fertilizer grade 30000 tons annually, accounted for almostly eighth export volume of Hunan fertilizer grade ferrous sulfate total export eight. It becomes China's important and leading fertilizer grade ferrous sulfate manufacturers, whose excellent product quality and professional service attracts many customers at home and abroad.


Now, how to use ferrous sulfate fertilizer grade?


1. Before applying fertilizer grade ferrous sulfate, please select the type of fertilizer according to the acid or alkaline of the soil and the sensitivity of the crop to PH. Ferrous sulfate is an acidic fertilizer, and its nutrients usually show most effective under neutral conditions.So it is necessary to follow the application principles that acidic fertilizer used in alkaline soil and alkaline fertilizer applied in acidic soil.


2,Not only applied sufficient base fertilization, as for long-term high-yield fields without organic fertilizer, remember to fertilizer grade ferrous sulfate and other trace elements. For example, peanuts, soybeans are prone to take iron deficiency. If fruits and vegetables crops lack ferrous, foliar fertilizer and base fertilizer can be combine to use. Iron Fertilizer could promotes chlorophyll formation, prevent yellow disease caused by iron deficiency. Fertilizer grade ferrous sulfate can also be used as a pesticide to prevent and control wheat spikes, scar scab disease in apples and pears and , rot disease in some fruit trees.


Scientific usage of ferrous sulfate fertilizer grade is very important for spring ploughing season, and the harvest. To buy excellent fertilizer grade ferrous sulfate in Hunan China of Rech Chemical, please come and inquiries Rech Chemical Co., Ltd. Looking foreward to your calls.


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