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How to artificially cultivate honey-suckle bud and flower?

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Honeysuckle is well-known as the best medicine material to clear away heat and toxic since ancient times in China. Its cultivation technologies mainly are seeds treatment, seedbed preparation applied fertilizers such as ferrous sulfate, seeding management, transplantation rootstocks. Now Rech Chemical Co. Ltd introduce the details of each steps.

Firstly, seed treatment. Soak the seed in 35 ℃ ~ 40℃ warm water for 24 hours, then mix the seeds with 2~3 times amount of sand and lay them in a warm place covered with plastic film. When sprouting rate reaches 50%, them can be sowed.

Seedbed preparation. General plow fifty centimeters thickness and fertilize enough base fertilizers, 6000 ~ 7500 kg every 667 square meters. It not only needs to remove rank weeds, but also appropriately needs applied some zinc sulfate or ferrous sulfate to prevent seedling diseases.

The third, sowing. Sow amount is 1.0 ~ 1.2 kg for every 667 square meters. With 1 times of more sand, splash them in compartments covered with 0.5~0.7 cm thickness of fine sand and cover film.

The fourth, seeding management. Water management is very important in this period. When seedling sprout reaches 30% or so, remove the cover and keep the seedbed moisture.

Lastly, transplantation. When seedling grows to 15 ~ 20 centimeters height, pick the hearts and continuously repeat this 2-3 times. In July, the seedlings can be transplanted when four to eight branches grow out.

During the honey-suckle’s seedling period, pay special attention to fertilize ferrous sulfate or zinc sulfate to prevent diseases and nutrient deficiency syndrome.


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