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What is water and fertilization integration?

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Recently, with the development of agriculture water efficient, integral control of water and fertilization is gradually becomes a new scientific application method. As for zinc fertilizer, zinc is absorbed by crop roots mainly in ionic form. Therefore, farmers usually dissolve zinc fertilizer in water, through the scientific application methods, send zinc ion into crops root directly, and decrease the soil absorb. Zinc sulfate monohydrate and zinc sulfate heptahydrate are belongs to zinc fertilizer, with its good solubility, this zinc fertilizer is very suitable for water and fertilization.  


Dissolve zinc sulfate monohydrate in water, famers can spray fertilizer into roots directly through drip irrigation or piping fertilization system. The proper fertilize time from seeding to jointing period. At this period, continuous topdressing 2 times, 0.5 kg per acre. Zinc fertilizer can be blend with other good solubility fertilizer into pipe together. If the water appear alkaline, it is necessary to adjust the pH to 5 to 5.5 before adding zinc sulfate monohydrate to the fertilizer solution. The method of monitor the pH value is gradually adds sulfuric acid to the appropriate range with acid conditioning.



Please kindly take notice that zinc fertilizer should be avoided blended with the phosphate fertilizer, because blended these two fertilizers will easy to produce water insoluble zinc phosphate, reducing the effectiveness of zinc fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer. Especially in water and fertilization integration, it is easy to blocking the pipeline.


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