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What factors should be taken in consideration when choose animal feed?

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Feed with trace elements perfect animals’ nutrition, promote animal growth and prevent animals from diseases. But when we buy animal feed with trace elements such as zinc sulfate, magnesium sulfate, are you sure that you make a right choice? About the topic, here Rech Chemical Co., Ltd gives some suggestions to friends in breeding industry
1. Firstly, households should understand the characteristics of trace elements on the growth of animals and its function.

2. Different region, trace elements in soil and water differ much, so when choose additives, remember to taken the trace elements in local soil and water into consideration.

3. There’re different needs for trace elements in animals’ different growth stages. Please be in strict accordance with the instructions when feed livestock.

4. Different animals require different trace elements.

5. Trace elements also coordinate with vitamin. Choose blindly will cause unnecessary waste and loss.
As the factors mentioned above, please pay more attention when you buy feed with trace elements like zinc sulfate, magnesium sulfate and other additive.


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