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The updated new standard for water soluble fertilizers

Views: 29     Author: VV     Publish Time: 2017-09-20      Origin: Rech Chemical Co. LTD

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Zinc sulfate, as one of key products of Rech Chemical Co. Ltd, is also a kind of soluble micro-elements. To June 1, the manufacturing standard of water soluble fertilizer will be more strictly regulated.

Compared with the existing standards, the new standard's biggest difference is that the insolubles proportion of solid and liquid water soluble fertilizer water is limited within 0.5% instead of the present agricultural standard 5%; Meanwhile, the packaging LOGO also had further refined that it should be mark clearly each nutrient content, and sources. These two aspects are following with the international water soluble fertilizer chemical industry standards. With the promotion of integration of water and fertilizer in agriculture currently and more sprayers and drops blocked by low soluble proportion fertilizers under the old standard, extensive flood irrigation gradually be replaced by drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation with high soluble proportion water soluble fertilizer. Moreover, the state support for water-saving agricultural increases year by year. In 2012 years, the demand for water soluble fertilizer market had reached more than 2 million tons.

Rech Chemical Co. Ltd produces water-soluble zinc sulfate micronutrient fertilizer with high standard which suits exportation to the European market, so the new standard production would not affect our factory. Under the implementation of the new rules, substandard products will be eliminated out of the market, so as to avoid farmers to get loss which also affects the market credibility of the these products and the industry's healthy development.




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