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The story behind “Supor cooker excess manganese Event".

Views: 652     Author: VV     Publish Time: 2016-11-23      Origin: Rech Chemical Co. LTD

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 Recently, Supor cooker was exposed to the tested products contained four times more manganese than the national standard. This news really draws our attention. As a manufacturer of feed grade manganese sulfate, our manganese content strictly is abided by national inspection standard as 31.8% Min.
Manganese is one of the essential trace elements, which constitutes kinds of enzymes that play important physiological roles in the body. A normal people intakes 3-9mg manganese from daily food. Once manganese deficiency occurs, the people would cause disease. However, too much manganese also can lead to poisoning.
Cooker producers usually add manganese in the steel according to a scientific proportion with other alloying element like nickel, titanium in order to prevent corrosion and demagnetization. If the ratio is not reasonable, not only cooker’s anticorrosion quality drops also excess manganese would do harm to people’s healthy. On other hand, compared with all kinds of alloy price, nickel prices is more than ten times of manganese. Nobody can guarantee some bad manufacturer fill excessive manganese instead of expensive alloying element to reduce costs.
As the saying goes: "Things go backward when reach the limit"! All walks of life exist its rules and principles. Countries set up national standards to regulate all products like materials of pot, manganese sulfate and so on. When manufacturer don’t highlight the standards, it surely plant the hidden danger to the members of society.


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