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The most important ten points in L/C checking?

Views: 714     Author: VV     Publish Time: 2016-08-26      Origin: Rech Chemical Co. LTD

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Rech Chemical Co. Ltd exports manganese sulfate monohydrate and other sulfate salts to word-wide countries and regions as America, Australia, EU, Middle East each year. We often receive the L/C terms. In the operation process, any insufficient checking on L/C terms in advance may cause discrepancies in the documents submission, which would be turned by bank, even bring different degree of loss and risk to the exporters. What’re the most important points that need our attention?

1. Check whether the L/C payment guarantee is valid.
2. Check whether the payment time of L/C is consistent with the relevant provisions of the contract.
3. Check whether the beneficiary and the applicant's name and the address in L/C are complete and accurate.
4. Check whether the shipment terms are in accordance with the requirements of relevant regulations.
5. Check whether the delivery date required in the L/C could meet.
6. Check whether the content is complete.
7. Check whether the L/C notification method is safe and reliable.
8. Check whether the total amount, monetary currencies are in line with the contract provisions.
9. Check whether the amount of the L/C is consistent with the contract provisions.
10. Check whether the price terms conform to the contract provisions.
Manganese sulfate Export Department of Rech Chemical suggests you to check the L/C against the contract carefully according to the above in the receipt day, thus it could help you check up the mistakes then take appropriate remedial measures.


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