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The management for potting in autumn

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Potting can purify air and make our indoor environment beautiful, and make us relaxed and happy. But they also need our cares and managements, appropriate ferrous sulphate will help plants looks more beautiful and healthy. 
In September, it has strong sunlight and higher temperature as well as dry air, so we must pay much attention to watering. To hygrophilous foliage plants, watering in the morning and afternoon in the first half, and watering only once in the second half, at this time, foliar spraying is needed. Watering time is before 10 a.m., and after 3 p.m.. To acidophilous plants, add 0.1% ferrous sulfate powder to the water and spray. Increase watering times and volume for recovered summer dormancy and semidormancy varieties.  At the same time of watering, we should loosen the soil for plants every half month.
There are two reasons if leaves turn yellow: one is poor Ventilation, the other one is watering too much and alkalinity is strong. Good ventilation is needed and dilute some ferrous sulfate monohydrate into water and spray


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