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The latest price of zinc sulfate can be traced back to zinc ore market

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The raw materials to produce zinc sulfate is zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is refined from zinc ore whose international zinc price fluctuation directly affect zinc sulfate manufacturers’ cost on raw materials purchasing, which thereby affects the market price of zinc sulfate. Due to the cold market conditions and manufacturer’s continue to increasing, making the production of zinc sulfate oversupply in this year.

In the first hald of 2016, domestic prices of zinc sulfate  is already dropped at the bottom. Domestic insufficient production can stimulate the importation of pure ore or refined zinc which estimated to import around 800000 Ts. On the other side, low operating rate for zinc smelter in domestic still have power to support its price, however excess capacity always becomes the largest suppression strength on zinc prices. Thus price appears difficulties both in rise and dropping. 

Zinc ore distribute all over China, but zinc sulfate producing mainly concentrates in south and central provinces, especially in Hunan province and so on. As the birthplace of zinc sulfate production process, zinc ore in Hunan province has earned highly reputation in the international market for well quality and advanced technology. With good source and high-quality technical services, Rech Chemical would help you to gain more market share based our long-term mutual profit as zinc sulfate price grows more transparent.


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