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The influence of excessive fertilizer on the soil

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As we all know, the right fertilizer and correct amount was very important when customers use zinc sulfate and other micro-nutrient fertilizer. By any careless, excessive amounts of zinc not only make plants poisoning but also greatly influence the soil.

  1. More or less, there always exist some heavy metals in chemical fertilizer. Excessive fertilizer make more and more heavy metal element accumulating that effect crops’ grow.

  2. Most common fertilizers are acidic fertilizer. After crops’ absorption, there are left a plenty of hydrogen ions which may cause soil acidification. And it also leads to increase on toxic substances, then the soil become poorer.

  3. Excessive fertilizer damage the soil structure that leads the soil hardens. At the same time, the further drops of soil organic matter affect microbial life in soil. These all reduce the effectiveness of soil.

In all, correct fertilization on the types and amount is the key of fertilizer. As to how to control the dosage of zinc sulfate fertilizer in kinds of crops, please focus on our following articles.


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