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The current situation of feed grade manganese sulfate industry in 2016

Views: 517     Author: VV     Publish Time: 2016-08-25      Origin: Rech Chemical Co. LTD

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Since the first half of 2016, affected by factors such as the rise in raw materials such, almost all the feed enterprises’ profits have declined. Attached to the feed industry, feed grade manganese sulfate  monohydrate additives business is not optimistic.

First of all, after years of rapid development, feed industry’s large profit would never come anymore, instead, it has enter entered a stage that needs more competition on technology and services.

Second, Chinese government has paid more and more attention to the sustainable development of the chemical enterprises. For manganese sulfate, zinc sulfate manganese’s upstream raw material are manganese ore or lead-zinc mine resource, government would stick by the two principles “environment friendly and safety” to limit enterprise and ensure their sustainable development with the environment and product safety (heavy metals pollution indicators as lead, cadmium meet the national standards). All the improvements naturally bring a new round of price rise in the price.

No matter how the market changes, all feed grade manganese sulfate enterprises need to find a suitable new rules to establish quality brand, then to win the market recognition.


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