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Special campaigns to saccharin markets

Views: 216     Author: VV     Publish Time: 2011-05-09      Origin: Rech Chemical Co. Ltd

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Recently, magnesium sulfate lot of provinces like Shandong, Guizhou, Guangxi, Jilin, Yunnan, and Jiangxi carried on special campaigns to the saccharin markets.

The special campaign is mainly in some large shops, and food additives merchandising locations and other places like food shops round the school and community urban fringe zones. It found that someone put magnesium sulfate into the saccharin hasn't production license, some hasn';t QS marks, and some packing is not qualified with the requirements of Food Safety Law. It is very harmful to people's health. 

Some illegal manufacturers put magnesium sulfate into saccharin because Mg has the same appearance with Cyclomate but with low cost. These manufacturers also mix some mirabilite and anhydrous sodium sulfate, print some counterfeit packages and repack to sell.
Experts in Health Quarantine Department said: Magnesium sulphate is stimulated to mucous membrane, respiratory tract inflammation will be caused if contact for a long time; renal function barrier people take some will lead to stomachache, vomit, watery diarrhea, collapse and difficult breathing.


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