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Protect environment is everyone’s responsibility

Views: 626     Author: VV     Publish Time: 2016-06-24      Origin: Rech Chemical Co. Ltd

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I saw an environment pollution report again when I read newspaper today, which is talking about a titanium white factory pours sewage into ditch directly without any sewage water treatment. 
Rech Chemical Co. LTD as a ferrous sulfate manufacturer, our materials are purchased from titanium white factories. As you know, the supply chain has been informed within different industry. So does the environment protection. The titanium factory, who pouring sewage into ditch directly, pollute the water source and the soil conditions and the quality of air. 
As a production oriented enterprise, not only do we need gain profit for employees, but also we need to take the responsibilities of protecting our environment. This is one of the essential responsibilities for all the enterprises.


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