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High energy consumption and poor environmental protection enterprises face reshuffle

Views: 337     Author: VV     Publish Time: 2016-10-06      Origin: Rech Chemical Co. LTD

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Since August of last year, Chinese chemical fertilizer industry adjusts the industrial structure and upgrade and backward productivity fertilizer enterprise. The common characteristics of backward productivity are high energy consumption and low grade of environmental protection. This is why small and medium-sized zinc sulphate factories face the industry reshuffle.

A few days ago, comprehensive identification of chemical fertilizer projects were under construction in Hubei and the present situation investigations of chemical fertilizer industry are carried out to speed up weed the backward capacity fertilizer manufactures.

According to the requirements issued by Hubei, before the end of December 2012, eliminate the pyrite mine acid device that can't recycling sulfuric acid slag and pyrite mine sulfur acid, yellow device with less annual output of 100000 ton and compound fertilizer device with less annual output of 50000 tons; before the end of December 2013, eliminate synthetic ammonia equipment that not reach the national standard of energy consumption limit and other high consumption devices; before the end of December2014, eliminate gypsum ammonium phosphate device with less than 15% comprehensive utilization ratio, the capacity of single set under 60000 tons and other phosphoric acid device that not equipped standard of ammonium phosphate device.

Once the new chemical fertilizer project violate the regulations, it should stop project construction immediately and the official departments of environmental protection, quality supervision, safety supervision, homeland, industry and commerce, and power shall not handle related procedures. At all levels of functional departments establish work target responsibility system to urge enterprise and backward zinc sulphate fertilizer producer to finish the tasks


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