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Ferrous sulfate Quotation Notes By Rech Chemical Co. Ltd

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Since engaged in ferrous sulfate and sulfate sales selling for many years, Rech Chemical Co. Ltd has rich experiences in cost control and price mechanism. Some important information are summarized as follows:

A.  As for southeast Asia countries, the quotation should contain shipping surcharge as EBS, CIC, etc, about 350 USD / FCL totally

B.  For countries as Egypt, Iran, the containers need to do the inspection before shipment, which cost about 2000CNY / FCL. No matter what product, as if shipped to Egypt, the containers are must do this inspection before shipment, but if it’s shipped to Iran, only manganese sulfate container need to do inspection before shipment.

C.  When received enquiries from foreign trade without knowing the destination region or country, the quotation should be remembered to add the notes that this quotation does not include southeast Asia surcharge as EBS, CIC, and inspection fees and surcharges for specific countries and regions as Egypt, Iran before shipment.

D.  In FOB price quotation, the ORC or THC fee is charged by the buyer

E.  Any quotation should be marked the price’s validity period, packing and payment terms, which directly decides the price

The notes above are experience points summarized by our stuff when we undertake ferrous sulfate export business worldwide. More details, welcome to contact with Rech Chemical Co. Ltd.

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