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Are agarics safety?

Views: 3     Author: VV     Publish Time: 2016-06-24      Origin: Rech Chemical Co. Ltd

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Food safety problems should attract all people’s attention. Recently, news report that some agarics are soaked by magnesium sulfate solutions. Eating too much this kind of agarics will arouse Mg poisoning. Therefore, you need to be careful when you buy agarics.
Recently, The Industrial and Commercial Bureau has just seized a fake agarics factory in Nantong. Factory often soaks agarics with magnesium sulfate solutions to increase weighting and make sure agarics looking better.
As magnesium sulfate is a kind of inorganic chemicals, so the agarics which have soaked by magnesium sulfate solutions will be a litter bitter and the color is bleached. In order to solve this problem, the unscrupulous manufactures add sugars and setting lotions when soaking. In this way, agarics will taste sweet with good appearance.
However, because magnesium sulfate is chemical product, and can not used as food additive. Therefore, too much eating will arouse Mg poisoning with the symptoms of stomachache, retch, watery diarrhea and so on.


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