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Three skills to teach you how to use micronutrient fertilizer well

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Micro-nutrient fertilizer, also called trace elements fertilizer, include zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, copper sulfate, boron fertilizer and so on. How to use these trace elements well? 
Following skills are for your reference:
1. Testing soil conditions before fertilization
Different soil contains different trace elements. Only by knowing which elements the soil lacks, we can choose the effective solution to make up. At present, according to soil organic, quality and PH value, we make sure the soil contents. You’d better do some experiment in small area before widespread use, or it will be worse without knowing which lacks.
2. Observing crops conditions before fertilization 
Different crops have different requirements of micronutrient fertilizer, such as rice needs silicon; Rape, leguminous crops need boron, while Garlic and onion need selenium.
3. Controlling dosages well
Micronutrient fertilizer is usually applied as base fertilizer. Controlling the dosage well is very important for crops growing. According to expert’s guides, the dosage of boron, zinc sulfate and ferrous sulfate per 667m2 are as follows: Fertilize boron 100~200g per667m2, zinc sulfate 100~150g, ferrous sulfate 100~250g and copper sulfate 510g.

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