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Do you know these micronutrient fertilizers?

Views:3     Author:VV     Publish Time: 2016-04-19      Origin:Rech Chemical Co. Ltd

Micronutrient fertilizer is a kind of slow-release and long time effective fertilizer, which can be a compound contained fertilizer or can be pure compound fertilizer, including boric fertilizer, zinc fertilizer, manganese fertilizer, iron fertilizer, Molybdenum fertilizer, copper fertilizer and Glass fertilizer, which can be used as base fertilizer, seed fertilizer or Spraying fertilizer.
The main types of micronutrient fertilizer contain zinc sulfate hepta, zinc sulfate mono, manganese sulfate mono, ferrous sulfate mono and hepta magnesium sulfate and so on.
Zinc sulfate fertilizer, mainly refers to zinc sulfate hepta (ZnSO4?7H2O,with Zn 21%) and zinc chloride (ZnCl2,with Zn 47.5%), they are white crystal which are easy to soluble in water, and used to soak seeds with 0.02-0.05% ZnSO4?7H2O or as foliar fertilizer with 0.01-0.05% ZnSO4?7H2O solution.
Ferrous sulfate fertilizer, mainly refers to green-vitriol (FeSO4?7H2O), prepare to be 0.1-0.2% solution to spray.
The effective of trace elements is related to the soil’s properties.

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