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Ferrous Sulfate Classification

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Ferrous Sulfate Classification 

As frequently received inquiries both from customers in China and abroad, Rech Chemical Co. Ltd could serve the most suitable kinds of ferrous sulfate and effective solution on the basis of mutual good understanding and description of ferrous sulfate. 

In order to deepen customer's understanding of ferrous sulfate and the kinds of ferrous sulfate what we provide, and speed up our enquiry efficiency, Rech Chemical Co. Ltd  would like to talk about the ferrous sulfate classification

  • 1.Classified by its application: 

Ferrous sulfate, a compound of sulfuric acid and iron, is a trace element of iron, widely used in human and animal consumption, industry, agriculture, fertilizer, water treatment, battery electronics and other industries. According to its application, bulk ferrous sulfate has industrial grade, agricultural grade, feed grade, pharmaceutical grade, food grade and reagent grade. At present, Rech Chemical Co. Ltd manufactures high quality ferrous sulfate industrial grade (contains ferrous sulfate Water treatment grade), ferrous sulfate feed grade, ferrous sulfate fertilizer grade.

  • 2.Classified by water molecules in ferrous sulfate

With strong reducibility, ferrous sulfate is easily oxidized into brown iron sulfate in the air. When we say ferrous sulfate, we mean ferrous sulfate that contains water of crystallization. Through drying process, water crystallization would be different in ferrous sulfate. So ferrous sulfate is classified into ferrous sulfate monohydrate(FeSO4•H2O), ferrous sulfate heptahydrate(FeSO4•7H2O), ferrous sulfate pentahydrate(FeSO4•5H2O) and anhydrous ferrous sulfate. Actually, Rech Chemical Co., LTD. Provides mainly ferrous sulfate monohydrate ((FeSO4•H2O,light gray) and ferrous sulfate heptahydrate(FeSO4•7H2O,light green), which are the two most widely used ferrous sulfate in the market.

  • 3.Classified by particle size of ferrous sulfate

In practical application, size of ferrous sulfate mainly are ferrous sulfate monohydrate powder and ferrous sulfate monohydrate granular. The specifications of ferrous sulfate monohydrate of Rech Chemical Co. Ltd are 6~12mesh;12 ~ 24 mesh;20 ~ 40 mesh;60~80mesh (powder).Ferrous sulfate heptahydrate is mainly in powder form.

  • 4.Classified by different Production process

Rech Chemical’s ferrous sulfate production process: ferrous sulfate is the by-products of titanium dioxide or acid pickling steel. It’s easy to produce ferrous sulfate heptahydrate after slightly dehydrated. There two kinds of methods to make ferrous sulfate monohydrate from ferrous sulfate heptahydrate, wet and dry methods. The ferrous sulfate produced by wet process is high specific weight, high content of ferrous, well controlled indexes such as lead, arsenic and Ph value. Wet process only makes powder specification. Ferrous sulfate produced by dry process has particles and powder, stable content of ferrous, not easy to agglomerate, uniform particles and large range of specification for selection, and less dust in the storage and transportation process.

Rech Chemical hopes that, by fully understand of the ferrous sulfate classification, customers can accurately and easily search the right ferrous sulfate when searching ferrous sulfate manufacturers in China.


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