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Rech Chemical teach you to apply zinc sulfate in stifleofriceplant

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2 months ago, an agro-technical station buyer called to Rech Chemical that he wanted to buy technical grade zinc sulphate for stifleofriceplant solution. Stifleofriceplant is a physiological disease. Around recent years, this disease occurred more common that generally make 10% ~20% yield in suffer.

The reason of stifleofriceplant: 1, excessive nitrogen fertilizing for long-term caused the soil phosphorus and potassium deficiency, which had been one of the main reason for stifleofriceplant; 2, Effected by bad permeability paddy fields as long-term immersion and thick mud, the rice plants roots are susceptible to soil organic acid or hydrogen sulfide, thus rice seedlings root tillering difficult. Then the rice poisoned.

Symptoms: Stifleofriceplant usually starts 10~15 days after seedling transplanting. The seedling appears too slow to recovery, even dead. The plant overall looks short and less leaves. The leaf color is thick green at first, and then russet spots appear on lower leaves, gradually expand to other parts, seriously, even turn black and rancid.

Solution Method for prevention and cure: 1. Improve the permeability of rice paddies as draining off the water and sunning the field. 2. Apply micronutrient fertilizer. It’s much better to apply zinc sulfate as base fertilizers, 1kg for each acre, or as topdressing fertilizer, 1 kg for each acre. For the suffered paddies, 5% zinc sulfate liquid fertilizer for spraying would help to relief the desease quickly.

If your paddies show the symptoms above, agriculture grade soluble zinc sulfate would help you to solve the stifleofriceplant.


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