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Rech Chemical teach you something about zinc salt

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Nowadays, when you go to supermarket to buy salt, on the shelf you can find kinds of salt packet marked with “nutritious” or “trace elements special added “. There so many choices that let you at a loss. Don't worry! Firstly, Rech Chemical tells you zinc salt is suitable for what kind of people.

Zinc salt is made from iodised salt that is added a certain amount zinc sulfate or zinc gluconate according to the national standard. It’s helpful to children's brain. It not only improves memory and physical development but also well prevents a variety of diseases caused by zinc deficiency. As a essential trace elements in human body, Zinc play an important role to the growth and cell regeneration of human body, normal sense of taste and appetite. What is more, zinc also can promote the normal development of sexual organs, and maintain health in skin to enhance immune function.

Zinc is "flower of life". Generally, daily balanced food can satisfy our needs to zinc, however, as children, rapid growth of women during pregnancy and aged people with less food and vegetarian, their bodies could be lack of zinc. There these kinds of people can eat zinc salt containing zinc sulfate or zinc gluconate.


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