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Zinc sulphate monohydrate granular help crops increasing yield.

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Zinc sulphate monohydrate granular has lots of alias, like zinc fertilizer, high purity zinc fertilizer and so on.
Zinc sulfate is easy to be absorbed by crops and with high content of Zn and can receive good effectives of supply zinc. It can also cure maize white seedling and low maturing rate for rice and so on.
The specialty of zinc sulfate:
1/ High purity, Zn content is 33%min, is 3 times of common zinc fertilizer
2/ Zinc sulfate granular is fast-acting and has good slow release ability, fertility can last long.
3/ It’s convenient for utilizing and suitable to use together with granular compound fertilizer and BB fertilizer.
Scope of application:
It’s suitable for all kinds of crops, especially for rice, wheat, maize, cotton, rape, soybean, peanut, tobacco, fruit tree, vegetable, watermelon, tomato and so on who is sensitive for zinc. Cross breeding seeds or high-yield culture technique also need zinc sulfate granular

1/ 200-300g is fine for every 667㎡ as base fertilizer or top application; if it’s for broadcast sowing crops, it will be used before harrowing but after ploughing.
2/ For fruit trees, 10-20g zinc sulfate is used for one tree one year.
3/ Fertilize as early as better, so that it can meet the demands of early growing stage; or it is used as base fertilizer or top application in the later stage of seedling.
4/ It should be stored in the cool and dry place.

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