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Zinc sulphate ease bald mealie top

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Some corn farmers tell us that sometimes bald mealie top happens on corns. Whether zinc sulfate can solve the problem?

The reason of corn bald may be caused by spikelet degradation, or water shortage, close planting, or nutrition deficiency. If caused by nutrition deficiency, it should be considered to use correct reasonable fertilization.

First of all, micronutrient fertilizers as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium should be balanced fertilized. Low fertility fields should be applied heavy fertilizer. When fertilizing, pay attention to the fertilizing time to prevent late-maturing. Good control water in seedling stage can increase pollination opportunity.

Secondly, spraying zinc sulfate fertilizer. In the corn elongation stage, foliage spray with 2% zinc sulfate solution. 15 days before tasseling, timely water the stamina flowers which will be sensitive to water. If the maximum capacity content of soil moisture is down to 80% in dry season, watering should immediately be applied. They are all good to corn pollination and grouting.


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