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Zinc sulfate mixture formula solves the problem of fruit body frangibility.

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In many mushrooms varieties, such as small oyster mushrooms, long mushrooms and so on, all of them are so easily broken and destructed in transportation and processing procedures. The broken mushrooms not only affect the looking but also the commodities value reduced. Here, we introduce a agriculture grade zinc sulfate mixture formula to solve the problem.

This formula can be used in long-term spraying on mushrooms fruit body which can obviously improve the fruitbody toughness and reduce fruitbody damaged. Zinc sulfate mixture formula: Mix zinc sulfate 10g, magnesium sulfate 10g, potassium dihydrogen phosphate 15g, vitamin B1 1 pill and grace fertilizer 2ml with clear water 50 kg. As all drug dissolved above, spray the solution 3 times in fruitbody growth. It not only can make the fruitbody fat, good toughness, but also the yield increase.

In the mushrooms planting, if you also meet the case of fruitbody fragile situation, why not try zinc sulfate mixture formula?


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