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Zinc sulfate could effectively treat the apple trees’ lobular disease

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In September, it is the right time for apple to do autumn fertilization. To win the next fruit harvest, farmers usually value the autumn fertilization mostly. There’re many kinds of Autumn fertilizers as farmyard manure, zinc sulfate inorganic fertilizer, green manure and other livestock barnyard manure.

Zinc deficiency is the mainly reason for lobular disease:
1, the poor orchard soil is too permeable that zinc salt easily permeates away.
2, in salty field with high PH, zinc are easy to be fixed, but it’s difficult to be absorbed by the root.
3, too sticky soil would make roots growth badly thus lobular disease occurs more easily.

Methods of prevention and treatment:
Firstly, increase the organic content. With PH value increased, zinc salt solubility in the soil can accordingly increased which make fruit trees absorption easier.
Secondly, increasing zinc fertilizer application. Fertilize zinc sulfate 0.1 ~ 0.15kg on each apple tree for three years. Generally, it would work from the second year.


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