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Zinc deficiency may caused by improper NPK fertilizer

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Zinc sulphate fertilized wheat generally increase 14.2% yield than such fields without zinc fertilizer. However, someone may think zinc deficiency in the soil is caused by less zinc and then continuously apply zinc sulfate fertilizer. Actually it not always be this.

Phosphate and zinc fertilizer: As too much effective phosphorus in soil or plants grow disorderly after phosphate fertilization, the crops can be prevented and cured by zinc fertilizer. This is because the zinc can promote the phosphorus absorption of wheat, but too much phosphorus would play passive role in enzyme system that cause zinc lack.

Nitrogen and zinc fertilizer: some studies pointed out that the nitrogen will cause zinc deficiency. No matter what kind of nitrogen, nitrogen increase will make zinc deficiency more seriously. It’s regarded that nitrogen increase leads more zinc forms of protein complexes stayed in the root, and then it makes the part on the ground appear zinc deficiency more.

Potash and zinc suphate fertilizer: it’s reported that high amount of phosphate in the soil may cause zinc deficiency, which may counteract the antagonism between phosphate and zinc fertilizer. The absorptive potassium in the soil can affect the reaction of zinc and soiland enhance the effectiveness of zinc.



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