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Why zinc sulfate cannot be mixed with phosphate fertilizer?

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As we all know, some fertilizer can be mixed together while some fertilizer mixed together that not only influence the effectiveness but also block the crops growth. Take zinc sulfate for a example, do not mix it with phosphate fertilizer.

When zinc fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer are mixed together, it would produce zinc phosphate that’s not easily dissolved in water. Moreover, it’s difficult to absorb and take in use such matter for the roots of crops. It’s suggested that mix zinc sulfate and farm manure equably together and fertilize it as base fertilizers. When sow begins, phosphate fertilizer can be scattered. Another way is vice versa. Fertilizing the two in different time make an isolation layer formed between each other to prevent their touches.

No mater used as basal, spraying fertilizer, or broadcasting fertilizer in field mix or seeds treating, zinc sulfate fertilizer cannot be mixed with any phosphate fertilizer such as calcium superphosphate, over-calcium superphosphate, and diammonium phosphate and potassium dihydrogen phosphate.


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