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Why zinc sulfate appeared the phenomenon of agglomeration?

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We, Rech Chemical Co. Ltd often received some questions like this: why zinc sulfate appeared the phenomenon of agglomeration? Please check the common reasons are as follows:
1. In the production, the raw materials have not been rinsed; making the content of chloride ion is too high. The higher content of chloride will make zinc sulfate  easy to caking;
2. The temperature of produced zinc sulfate is very high. Many manufacturers want to catching newly goods or because of some other reasons, prematurely filling the bag. With temperature inside the bag is too high, coupled with the long-distance transport process is not ventilated or high temperature, causing zinc sulfate caking.
3. When transporting the zinc sulphate heptahydrate, the outside temperature is too high, ( about 38°C )making zinc sulfate heptahydrate lose the surface water, will lead to caking phenomenon.
In order to effectively solve the problem of zinc sulfate caking, Rech Chemical Products Co., Ltd. in the purchase of raw materials will increase after a rinsing process to remove the chloride ions in raw materials; for zinc sulfate heptahydrate, in the original process on a new dry procedure, making the surface water of zinc sulfate heptahydrate reduced, to avoid the phenomenon of agglomeration in the transport process.

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