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Why the sugar cane cannot harvest with good quality?

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Sugarcane is a tropical and subtropical fruit. It tastes crisp and sweet and rich in iron, manganese, zinc and many other essential trace elements to human been. Among all the fruits, sugarcane is the kind that contains the highest ferrous content. Continuous cane cropping may cause decrease in yield and quality, so farmers should consider fertilizing ferrous sulfate monohydrate, zinc sulfate and other micro-nutrient fertilizers.

Soil generally contains magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese and other trace elements. Once they lack, the sugarcane growth could be affected. The typical symptoms appear small plant, emaciated internode, and low sugar content. Sugar has strong absorption ability to the trace elements. In the first year of planting, trace elements have been basically absorbed up in the soil. Continuous cane cropping would cause trace elements deficiency. So, remember to increase micronutrient fertilizers amount as to achieve good quality and high yield of sugarcane.

The solution: at the beginning and mid of the sugarcane seedling stage and jointing elongation stage, root out fertilization and spraying are the two forms to supply microelement. Root fertilizing, fertilize ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate 3 ~ 5 kg to 150 ~ 200 times water for each acre; Foliar micronutrient fertilizer spraying, 10 ~ 15 days a time, continuous 3 ~ 5 times.


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