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Why the concentration of Zn/Mn Granule differs great after processed from powder?

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The zinc content is 35% zinc sulfate powder and 33% zinc sulfate granule that made of 35% zinc sulfate powder. The manganese content is 31.8% in manganese sulfate powder and 31.5% in granule that made of 31.8% manganese sulfate powder. Since both processed from powder ,why zinc and manganese content differ so great ?
The Zinc sulfate granule is made from 35% zinc sulfate powder .Actually, in manufacturing, more than a ton of zinc sulfate granule will be made from a ton of zinc sulfate powder because powder materials will be mixed with urea and anhydrous sodium sulphate. In general, zinc content in zinc sulfate granule is more than 33% while raw materials of anhydrous sodium sulphate and urea with no zinc .That’s why zinc content in zinc sulfate granule decreased after reworked from powders .
However ,manganese sulfate granule was made from 31.8% manganese sulfate powder moistured by manganese sulfate solution .This method don’t affect the content of manganese .Generally ,Mn content in manganese sulfate could be up to 31.5% .With much Mn in manganese sulfate solution ,manganese content changes little after processed as granule.  
Now, you surely know, both processed from powder, why zinc and manganese content change so great as zinc sulfate granule and manganese sulfate granule.


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