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Why fertilizer grade zinc sulfate monohydrate granular cannot be used in summer crop seeds

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Rech Chemical Co. Ltd both produce zinc sulphate powder and granular. Generally speaking, there are 3 ways for micro fertilizers to be directly used on crop seed: seed dressing, soaking seed and coating. However, zinc sulfate monohydrate granular are not suitable for summer seed dressing.

If mixed with seeds directly, the particle fertilizer may have quite different size, density and material quality with the seed which will cause unevenly divide. When the seeds planted, such unbalanced mixture would cause poor effect or even serious burning that the summer crops cannot grow well and strong. As the saying, the seeds could be bought but the seedlings are too precious in summer to buy seeds. Only the enough and strong sprouts can make sure the high yield.

If crops need zinc sulphate fertilizer, the right method is firstly to make the quantitative micronutrient fertilizer dissolved in water (general concentration at 0.02% ~ 0.1%), then spray it on the seeds by vaporizer or watering can, stirring. When every seed soaked enough liquid, seeds should be spread and dried to avoid too moisture to rot and the seeds is Ok for planting.

By the way" 
The symptoms of excess micro element fertilizer on crops" can be found on our website.


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