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Why animals need Fe?

Views: 641     Author: VV     Publish Time: 2016-06-24      Origin: Rech Chemical Co. Ltd

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We can often see news to teach you how to supplement Fe for animals. And ferrous sulfate monohydrate powder or mini granule can help to supple Fe. However, do you know why we need to add Fe for animals?
As we all know, Fe is a relatively important trace element. Human can’t get Fe deficiency, because Fe will help to improve blood making. Fe deficiency will cause anemia. So does animal. If they lack of iron, so much symptoms will be occurred such as anemia, dysplasia and so on.

Fe as a trace element in the body, when adding feed grade ferrous sulfate should according expert’s guides, and should control the dosage well. Besides that, different animals at different stage have different requirement for Fe.


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