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Which kinds of sulfate salt unsuitable for big ton bags

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For products package, such as zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate and magnesium sulfate, we, Rech Chemical Co. Ltd, can provide 25kgs woven bag with an inner plastic bag. And if clients have special needs, we can offer ton bags and custom made bags.
Most of our customers like ton bags when they purchase our products as raw materials. First of all, ton bags can reduce the package charges and the change bags fees. Second of all, ton bags can reduce the specific area to make products absorb less impurity. For products which are not easy to be caking such as zinc sulfate monohydrate, ferrous sulfate monohydrate and manganese sulfate, both 25kgs bags and ton bags are a nice choice.
However, for the products which are easy to be caking such as zinc sulfate heptahydrate, ferrous sulfate heptahydrate and magnesium sulfate hetpahydrate, usually, we recommend our customers choose 25kgs bags for packing. As we all know, when exporting, long shipping time and the temperature is relatively high in containers, so these products will get agglomerating. 


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