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Where to purchase high purity feed grade zinc sulfate monohydrate

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Feed grade zinc sulfate monohydrate is aim to supple animal's trace element. However, in current market, the price and quality of feed grade zinc sulfate are one different from another. Where to purchase high purity feed grade zinc sulfate? And how to distinguish the quality is good or not for purchasing manager?

Firstly, we can distinguish the quality by original area, as we all know, zinc sulfate products made in China tops those elsewhere, and those made in Hunan tops that of China. Rech Chemical Co. Ltd produces and sells zinc sulfate 20000MT per year with high purity feed grade zinc sulfate.

Secondly, to judge the quality by products themselves, the general standard of zinc sulfate is Zn 35%, while a super qualified manufacturer can sign the contract with Zn 35.5%. Absolutely, this doesn’t mean the higher the Zn content, the better the quality of zinc sulfate. If you got zinc sulfate with Zn 36%, there must have some other Zn content materials in zinc sulfate such as zinc chloride. Rech Chemical Co. Ltd can provide you zinc sulfate with Zn 35.5%.

Do you know where to purchase high purity feed grade zinc sulfate now?


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