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When flammulina velutipes get nutritional deficiency?

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Rech Chemical remind flammulina velutipes planters that if the mushroom body soft and thin, the mushroom cap white and matt, it shows your flammulina velutipes seriously lack of nutrition. Nutrients as magnesium sulfate should be timely supplied.

Nutrition formula: sugar 10g, urea 3 g, magnesium sulfate 0.5 g, boric acid 0.1 grams, zinc sulfate 0.2 grams, potassium dihydrogen phosphate2 grams, water l000 ml.

Other case:
1, if the cap edge appears yellow and white dots in the middle, it mean the nutrient medium is lack of water. Then, spray nutrient water on the surface of a material it timely;
2, if the mushroom cap edge appears white and yellow in the middle, it means the nutrient medium is too humidity and less nutrient. Spray nutrient and water on the fruiting body to improve the relative humidity;
3, if the mushroom cap is shiny, smooth, it has enough nutritions;
4, if nutrition lack magnesium sulfate, not only spray nutrition solution on the mushroom body, but also can adjust irrigation combining PeiYangLiao to help the mushroom body absorption recovery as soon as possible.


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